4 Myths About Birth classes: Myth #1

This is part one of a four part series on the most widespread myths about birth classes.

Myth #1: Birth classes are only for women planning natural childbirth


Reality: Birth classes are for everyone. Whether you’re planning a dolphin-assisted birth or a planned cesarean birth, there’s tons to learn about your options and choices. We’ll discuss when you should contact your caregiver, how to tell the difference between real and false labor, when to go to Labor & Delivery, and more. There’s a whole section on what your partner and support people can do to support you. We’ll discuss all of your pain relief options including spinal, epidural, and IV narcotics along with dozens of drug-free options. We’ll talk about when the best time is to get an epidural if you know you want one, and what is involved before you get one (hint: it’s not as easy as you think!). Epidurals are notorious for not being able to adequately control the pain of late labor, so we’ll practice comfort measures you can use in conjunction with the epidural to give you the best pain relief.  If you’re planning a cesarean, we’ll discuss when to plan your cesarean birth, what to do if you go into labor before then, how to turn a cesarean surgery into a cesarean birth, and some tips for recovery.

Ready for Myth #2?