Belly Cast

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A belly cast is a beautiful piece of art that celebrates and memorializes your strong, beautiful body during pregnancy.
What can I do with it?
You can…
  • Make it the centerpiece of your baby shower 
  • Photograph it to use for your invitations to your pregnancy celebration or mother blessing ceremony
  • Ask your friends to sign the inside of it with well wishes or advice for motherhood
  • Make it your focal point during labor
  • Use it as a decoration in your baby’s nursery
  • Add your baby’s handprints, footprints, birth date/time, weight, length, etc and photograph it for your birth announcements
  • Use it as a prop for newborn photos
The possibilities are endless!

What is the process like?

First we’ll discuss exactly what you want.  The most important thing to me is that you get exactly what you want.  Next, you’ll get ready to be casted while I prepare the space and materials.  When you’re ready, we’ll get you into a comfortable positions and I’ll apply strips of plaster dipped in warm water.  This part of the process usually takes 30-60 minutes depending on how much you want casted.  Most women find this part of the process very easy and usually pretty fun.  After that, the hard part begins.  The cast is very thin and will need 5-7 layers of reinforcement over the span of several days.  After that, I’ll shape, sand, and prepare it for decoration.  The process usually takes 1-2 weeks depending on how many layers of reinforcement are needed.  Afterward, I can paint your belly cast for you or you can decorate it yourself with whatever medium and design speaks to you.

When is the best time to cast?

Some women like to be casted very early in pregnancy, then again at the end of their second and/or third trimesters and hang them together. I’m happy to make your cast as early or as late as you want.  The best time to cast your belly at the end is between 34 and 38 weeks.  If you have any concerns about preterm birth (twins or triplets for example) then it’s best to plan it a little earlier.

When should I reserve a space on your calendar?
The sooner the better.  You must reserve your space on my calendar at least 4 weeks prior to the time you want to be casted.  I use only high-quality materials and therefor must order them and wait for them to be shipped.  When you reserve your space on my calendar, you’re not committing to a date or time, only to a 2-3 week window in which you want to work with me.  The sooner you make your reservation the more flexible I can be about scheduling.
Can other people come and watch?
Absolutely!  I can arrange a small ladies’ night with your friends!  We can do the cast at the party or we can do it in advance and your friends can help decorate it at the party.  Many mothers enjoy spoiling themselves with an evening with good food and great friends before their little one comes Earth-side!
What will my cast look like?

A standard cast includes your belly and breasts.  Some of the most beautiful casts I’ve ever seen have included one shoulder and the opposite thigh (ex: left shoulder and right thigh).  Many women also want to include their or their partner’s hands (one on top of their belly and the other on bottom or in the shape of a heart over their belly button).  You’ll also get to choose what kind of neckline you want (ex: sweetheart, straight, etc).

What is the investment?
The investment for a standard belly cast (including your belly and breasts) is only $100.  You can add shoulders, thighs, or hands for $25 each.

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