Birth Doula

As your birth doula, I will:
  • Help you create and communicate your birth vision
  • Make suggestions to help you prepare for the journey ahead
  • Answer all of your questions openly and honestly
  • Prepare your partner for an active support role
  • Help you gather all the supplies that you’ll need
  • Listen to your hopes and dreams
  • Help you get the information you need to make the best decisions for you and your baby
  • Respect your wishes and create a supportive atmosphere for others to do the same
  • Help you challenge yourself to work through any fears or hangups you have
  • Help keep you comfortable during labor
  • Help make your labor suite a peaceful oasis
  • Energize you when you’re feeling tired, encourage you when you’re feeling discouraged, and believe in you even when you can’t believe in yourself

You’re going to remember this day for the rest of your life.  When your baby is having a baby of their own and you tell them the story of their birth, how do you want to remember it?

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Let’s meet!


The Basic Package
  • Become more comfortable with me and discuss your birth vision with a 2.5-hour pre-birth planning meeting
  • Prenatal peace of mind with unlimited e-mail support
  • On call support from the time you hire me until your baby is born
  • Continuous comfort and reassurance during labor with up to 12 hours of face-to-face support (additional time is billed at $10 per half hour)
  • All the tools you need with access to my birth ball, peanut ball, rebozo, and massage oil
  • Get breastfeeding off to a good start with a one hour lactation consultation

The investment for the Basic package is $600

The Confident Package
  • Everything in the Basic package
  • Clarify your written birth vision for your caregiver (aka birth plan) with a 1.5-hour meeting
  • Immediate reassurance with unlimited phone/text support
  • All the confidence you can handle with unlimited access to the Knowledge is Power lending library
  • Ease pregnancy discomforts and help your partner become more involved with your very own rebozo
  • Worry-free unlimited labor and birth support – I’ll be with you no matter how long or short your labor is with no additional fees
  • Debrief your birth with 1.5-hour post-birth meeting
  • Get what you need with 10% off other services

The investment for the Confident package is $900

The Empowered Package
  • Everything in the Supported package
  • Be empowered to customize your package with 2 perks of your choice
  • Get everything you want with 20% off other services

The investment for the Empowered package is $1,100

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