Super Hero Birth Partner

Find your powers

When you picture birth in your mind, what do you see?  Many people imagine their partners waking up in the morning to find her water broken, timing a few contractions before going to the hospital, watching TV and napping for a few hours while your partner calmly lays in the hospital bed, holding her hand while someone coaches her to count to ten, then holding your fresh, clean baby.

The reality is much different.  Chances are your partner will go into labor late in the evening and labor at home all night.  During that time she may be too excited to sleep even though it’s all you want to do.  You may both be tired In the morning when contractions are close enough together to go to the hospital.  After you arrive, there will be a lengthy admission process while your partner is in pain.  For the next several hours your partner will likely need all of your attention to cope with labor.

If she plans to use pain relieving drugs, you should know that they aren’t always effective and even when they are they’ll never be able to take away all of her pain.  You’ll both need some coping skills even with the epidural.  If she plans to use natural comfort techniques, you’ll want to have as many powers (techniques) as you can.  Taking a class is especially helpful for this.  We’ll talk about all of the best techniques – ignoring, distraction, heat/cold therapy, focal points, massage, rebozo, breathing, aromatherapy, acupressure, TENS, music, vocalization, hydrotherapy, affirmations, visualization, meditation, hypnosis, breathing, 15+ movements, and 50+ positions.  If you decide not to take a class, the book “The Birth Partner” by Penny Simkin is very a great place to start.

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